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Who Dat? It's Dizzykat

Going to get this started early this year!

I’m going to be doing Christmas Cards this year, so I’m going ahead and starting my list. 

You want a Holiday card from me, it’s simple:
1) PM me your info, don’t forget the name you want used. I’m not sure if the post office delivers to User ID names. LOL.
OF COURSE this will be kept private only to me. I will write them down and get them prepared then delete the information
2) If you don’t celebrate Christmas, please specify the holiday you do celebrate during December so I can find a card for you!
3) I don’t mind sending cards to friends as long as they give the okay to you. (For example, you want me to send a card to your BFF too)
4.) Please Reblog so others can sign up for cards. It’s not a real requirement but it’d be nice to let others know they can get a card.

That’s it. It’s just a fun thing I see people do and I’ve tried to do in the past but I started out too late to get anyone to participate. If I get any takers, I’ll start sending out cards the first week of December. I’ll keep this open until the second week in December in order for cards to get delivered by Christmas.

And of course, enjoy the kitties above!

Tala Atma Tiger by NoSafeHaven

ImagineFX Cover Issue 114 by Charlie-Bowater

Casta Fierce by HuntingDaphne

Sweet Screams Rochelle Goyle by CowsGoMoose

Just seeing a wild coyote running across the street on my way home. I’m all “Hey Malia!” And getting sad when she doesn’t come back.

Yeah. Too much Teen Wolf for me. Lol.

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CM : Elsa….?!! by kachima

Rockstar Toralei by ArgentumZeena

Bird of Paradise by balaa

-The Red Queen- by RotoDisk

Meezie vs Hardee’s Bag:

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of Moth and Butterfly by Unodu

Magic Mushrooms by la-esmeralda

A Twist in Time by la-esmeralda

Castle of Nightmares by la-esmeralda

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